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How to reduce Access database corruption 1

Those of you who have worked with Access databases have, in some point or other, most likely experienced error messages while attempting to open or access an object in your database. Error messages in Access signal a corrupt MDB file, or there was someone within the network who got suddenly disconnected, causing a “corruption flag” to be raised by Access, regardless if there is really data corruption or not.

Database corruption never fails to cause stress within the workplace. Hence, this and the following posts will center on ways on how to avoid database corruption and errors.

This method that I will mention might be very simple. Well, handfuls of preventive measures are usually very easy, so that’s a relief in itself, right?

Don’t use cheap network connection hardware.

First off, Access is very sensitive to changes in network connectivity. The slightest drop in network connection performance can cause Access to terminate. Sudden or unexpected closing of the application will raise corruption alerts, so make sure that your network connection is backed-up by high quality hardware and is well-maintained. High quality hardware means brand name hardware, and network hardware means every bit of hardware that is used for network connection.

Now, why is it essential to spend so much for your network connection? The better question is, “Why is it essential to invest in your network connection?”

Simply put. It is an investment. Having well-performing network connection will ensure very minimal or no connection problems. Very minimal or no connection problems means lesser chances of anyone getting disconnected from the network, and lesser chances of incorrect closing of Access. Lesser chances of incorrect closing of Access mean lesser rate of corruption and error alerts. Lesser rate of corruption means less money spent on Access database repair. Finally, less database corruption is less frustration and better productivity.

So, prioritize your network connection. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!

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