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How to reduce Access database corruption 4

Here is yet another tip on how to prevent corruption of MS Access databases. In the previous posts, the advantages of using good quality network hardware, splitting your database, and keeping your computers in good shape were discussed. In this segment, a really simple–perhaps the simplest tip I could ever give you about database corruption prevention.

In the posts before, the importance of exiting or closing the database the right way was always emphasized, albeit it wasn’t the method specified. This post will discuss that in further detail. Tip #4 is…

Always close your Access database correctly.

It’s the simplest and easiest thing to do, but sometimes unfortunate incidents happen even to the best of us. This is not always done by everyone who uses Access, but what if you’re one of those who work in a company that has the best network connection possible and all the workstations are up-to-date and well-cared for? Then, you should take this tip to heart.

When you’re done with whatever you’re working on, exit the database properly and immediately. This is to minimize data corruption caused by accidents, thereby decreasing the need for Access repair. Let’s say you finished making that report for your boss, and then you go on a coffee break. There’s a possibility of someone passing by, tripping over your chair and accidentally pushing the off button of your CPU. You might think, “That’s totally bad luck, there.” But, let’s face it. Worse things happen.

So, how do we exit the database in the right manner? Choose one of the options for exiting that’s provided by Access. There’s File->Exit and the X button at the upper right corner of the window. Do not close Access using the Windows Task Manager by CTRL+ALT+DEL. When you’re going to restart or shut down your computer, make sure you’ve exited from your Access database correctly.

By making this a habit, situations to repair Access database will be reduced.

Remember, File->Exit or X. Exit Access the right way.

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