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How to reduce Access database corruption 5

The next tip for today is somewhat an elaboration of tip #4. It is mentioned that it is important to exit Access database correctly to prevent a corrupt MDB. Now, we are going to discuss the importance of opening and closing your connection from the network.

In the previous posts, the importance of having good quality network connectivity is pointed out. If something goes wrong even in the slightest, the Access application will be affected and a corruption alert may occur, regardless of whether there is actual corruption or not. So, tip#5 is…

Close your network connection correctly.

Once you’re finished with work that requires you to be on the network, you must exit the network properly and immediately. This is to help avoid sudden dropped connection from the network. This will also help lessen the chances of database corruption caused by changes in network connection. If the connection is within a loop, open at the beginning of the loop, and then close it when the loop is ended.

Being careful and methodical in handling your network connection can really help lessen your company’s need for Access recovery.

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