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Q141222 ACC95: "Invalid Page Fault in VBA232.DLL" Error Message.


In Microsoft Access 7.0, you could get the following error whilst developing an application using code. This might happen for example, when you are working on a form which contains event procedures or as you start the application:

“This application has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.”

On clicking the ‘Details’ you get the error message:

“Msaccess.exe caused an invalid page fault in module VBA232.DLL.”

*This error can sometimes emerge when you try to print a code module in Far East versions of Access, which contains DBSC characters.


This error has three potential causes:

> Bug in the VBA Development Environment (VBA232.dll version 2.0.5524)
> Damaged or corrupt database
> Mismatched .dll files in the ‘Windows\System’ folder after installing Microsoft Office Standard for Windows 95 or Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 95 before Microsoft Access 7.0.


To resolve this error you can try the following (in the same order):

1. Install the most recent update to Vba232.dll.

2. Run the Compact and Repair utility. When you get ‘invalid page fault’ error, run these commands on the database in order to amend any further damage to the database's structure and/or data.

*The Compact Database command should be run regularly. The Repair Database utility should only be used when the Jet database engine creates an error indicating that a Repair should be carried out. Before you run the Repair Database utility, always create a backup of the database.

3. Rename the database and then re-open it. When you rename it you may use a long file name or an MS-DOS 8.3 file name (8-character name followed by a 3-character extension).

4. Now, create a new database and import all objects from the original database. Open a module window in the new database, click ‘Compile All Modules’ and then save.

5. If the above methods do not remove the error then the cause is likely to be due to mismatched .dll files. To rectify this you will need to uninstall Microsoft Office for Windows 95 (Standard or Professional) and Microsoft Access 7.0 and then reinstall them.

*Install Microsoft Access first, then Microsoft Office afterwards when you reinstall the two programs. This order is important in order to avoid the problem of mismatched .dll files on your system. Also, because the uninstall process may remove the Vba232.dll you should repeat the first step to ensure you have the most recent version of Vba232.dll.

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