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Q167906 PRB: Access 7.0 Database Corrupt After Calling Repair Database.


If you have called CDaoWorkspace::RepairDatabase() or CdbDbEngine::RepairDatabase on a corrupt Access 7.0 database, it may result in corruption that cannot be repaired.

This can often also happen with Microsoft Access 97 databases that have been converted from MS Access 7.0. In this situation you will need to create a new database in Access 97 and then import the objects from backup (from the Access 7.0 database). You can also use Jetcomp to compact the database.


The MSysObjects system table has become corrupt.


You must always call CDaoWorkspace::CompactDatabase() before calling CDaoWorkspace::RepairDatabase()
When using Access 7.0 databases it is recommended that you compact & repair, then backup your database regularly.

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