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Q209137 ACC2000: How to Troubleshoot/Repair a Damaged Jet 4.0 Database.


Some environmental factors can cause damage to your database. The most common symptoms of a corrupt database can include errors such as: "#Deleted" appearing in some records, or the inability to open one of the objects in the database. It can also cause the inability to open the file at all. The Compact and Repair process in Access is a tool that can recover database files.

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It is extremely important to safeguard your data by creating regular backup copies of your database.

Compact and Repair

The Compact and Repair utility removes the empty space within a database. It does this by creating a new database and then by copying each old object into the new one. If you compact the database using the original database name instead of a new one it will automatically create a temporary file to which it will export all objects from the original to the temporary file. It will remove the original database and rename the temporary file back to the original name.

The Repair utility will attempt to repair tables, queries and indexes only It will note repair utility forms, reports, macros or modules.

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