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Q243895 ACC2000: Database Password Appears Even Though It Was Never Set.


When attempting to open a database you are asked to give a password even if you never set a password to the database initially. When attempting to enter anything into the password, nothing will be accepted.


This can sometimes happen when opening and saving a database in any application other than Access, for example, MS Excel, Word or Notepad. When opening your database in this way the data you see is unreadable. Similarly when saving the database in another application the file becomes unusable in Access. In general, you cannot recover data from a file that has been saved in a format other than Access.

There are some viruses can cause applications to automatically save documents, so if your non-Access application contains a virus such as this, the database file may still be saved into the non-Access format (even if you didn’t choose to save it).


Avoid opening your database in an application other than Ms Access. If you need to be able to view your data somewhere other than in Access, you will need to link it through ODBC or Office Links.

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